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Maps-India provides high quality maps on all major aspects of travel and tourism in India, including road map of India. India is a very popular international tourist destination that attracts tourists from across the world. The country has the second largest population in the world and the people of different states specialize in the production of various goods. A well-developed road network is necessary to connect the various parts of the country so that travel, trade and tourism become easy. The map on India Road Map gives detailed information on all the National Highways that connect the 28 states and 7 Union Territories in India, including Delhi, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Kerala.
India has the third largest road network in the world. The National Highways constitute 2% of the roads found in the country. The map of roads in India highlights all the 259 National Highways of India. On your tours to India road map on our site will prove to be a useful companion.

The National Highways are the arterial network of the country and has total length of 66,590 km. They are the primary long distance roadways maintained by the central Government. Majority of the highways are two lanes. i.e. one in each direction and carry nearly the 40% of the total traffic. The longest National Highway in the country is the NH7, covering a distance of 2369 km. Natonal highways forms the economic backbone of the country. Many new towns and the dhabas have sprung up alonside the highways. India road maps locates the vast network of Highways that covers all the major cities and state captials. Most of the lanes of highways are two ways, but in bigger cities it broadens up to four to eight lanes..

Road Map of India, Indian Road Map

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